FYSAE Challenged My Interpretation of the World.

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Benjamin Hoeny

Benjamin Honey '14

I was drawn to Arcadia because the University offers many opportunities to travel the world. I spent the second semester of my first year in Stirling, Scotland.

My favorite aspect of studying abroad was meeting new people from around the world and becoming friends with them. The people I met while in Stirling have shaped how I view the world and have helped me grow. I learned more from them than I could have from any professor in any class. I also enjoyed exploring the country’s history and landscape. The castles and architecture were baffling because they were so old and yet so well-designed.

I would sum up my experience as a life-changing event that challenged my way of life and interpretation of the world. I am glad to have been a part of the program and find that complete immersion in another culture was absolutely beneficial to my personal growth, my plan to study abroad in Germany, and my career goals of working for the United Nations or the U.S. Attorneys’ Office.

The Arcadia Promise - A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
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