The Ingredients

  1. A name that must reflect the University's brand.
  2. A name that must live comfortably with and even more fully embody emotions and images that form the students', faculty, staff and alum's feelings toward the school.
  3. The name had to meet the supporting criteria of being clear, distinct, unique, and brief.
  4. A name open to most possibilities: Not overused or confused with other institutions or products. Distinctive: sounds like a university, but not every other university. Doesn't niche the potential market either in terms of academic interest or financial accessibility.
  5. A name with easy marketability. Top of the alphabet for listings. Punchy and brief. Won't be confused with other Universities in print or broadcast media.
  6. A name that doesn't connote negative images in the prospect's mind.
  7. A name that is not limiting in any important manner. No geographic, religious, or curriculum limitations. No conflicts or confusion with other institutions or commercial entities.
  8. A name that is appealing and intriguing on first exposure. Pleasant-sounding, easy to say and read. Little difficulties in spelling, pronunciation, and usage.
  9. A name that has the best possibility of being a strong trademark. Distinctive and not overused. Very small possibility of legal challenge.

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The Arcadia Promise - A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
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