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2010 JoLynne HollomanJoLynne Holloman ’10

For my Capstone project I worked with an organization called One Step Away, which is Philadelphia’s first street newspaper.

The newspaper holds the distinction of being the only one in the nation that is fully written and produced by the homeless men and women of the Philadelphia shelter system. It serves a two-fold purpose. First, it provides an outlet for advocacy and creative writing relating to homeless issues such as a lack of affordable housing, problems within the legal system, and news stories. Second, it also allows the men and women selling to provide themselves with meaningful income.

2010 JoLynne Holloman Video
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This project is truly a culmination of everything I’ve worked on in the last few years. My editing skills were put to the ultimate test as I assembled the largest project I have worked on independently. Through my video production classes, I learned several techniques for filming, and I have used those skills to create a piece of work that shows how important this paper truly is and to bring light to an important issue in the Philadelphia region.

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