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2010 Rick TetreaultRick Tetreault ’10

Have you ever done anything consistent on a daily basis? How about each day of the week? The whole month? Neither had I, until I did my Senior Thesis. For 35 days I created a poster a weekday based on The New York Times daily paper.

It was both exciting and challenging to work on something new every day. Each day presented a problem that required me to come up with a visual solution. Overall, I was more interested in the ideation/creation process than the final outcome. Though, looking back, it’s pretty great to see everything come together.

Each week I met with Abbey Ryan, Adjunct Professor of Art and Design and an alum of Arcadia, and we discussed what I was working on, what pieces were strong or weak, and ways to evolve my process of finding an article and creating the piece. Staying creatively “fresh” was one of my biggest worries when I was brainstorming the project. Meeting with Abbey gave me direction and kept me fresh. I can’t explain how much our meetings helped me achieve my goal.

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