BBEST Quick Tips

Color Wheel
A device used to decrease amount of wasted time during transitions from period to period. The color wheel is divided equally into 3 colors of RED, YELLOW, and GREEN.

  • RED: Students are quiet, eyes on speaker, pencils down.  Then teacher can explain directions for ending or beginning a task. The use of Red on the color wheel is for a brief time.
  • YELLOW: Students can raise their hands and wait to be called on. Yellow is used during instruction, independent work, etc.
  • GREEN: Students have the freedom to talk with each other and teachers, and freedom to move around the class.

Click here for Color Wheel template and directions (PDF format)

5:1 Praise Ratio
A research based strategy that promotes the teacher making 5 positive statements to each student for every 1 corrective statement.

Best Bucks
A motivational system that rewards appropriate behavior. Best Bucks are earned by the students, and then the students can spend Best Bucks on weekly classroom activities.

A timer is a visual and auditory cue that shows the pre-determined length of time of a task or activity, and provides a definite end to a task or activity. 

Catch Them Being Good
Reinforce the behaviors you want, and your classroom and school become places of success for the students. 

Group Contingencies
A motivational system that targets one specific behavior for the whole class. Peers encourage each other to demonstrate targeted behavior. When class reaches a pre-determined goal, then all of class receives reward.

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