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William Meiers ’93M, ’96M

The First-Year Seminar Travel to the Stars: Science Fiction From Star Trek, Star Wars, and Beyond! asks students to probe deeply into the vast galaxy of science fiction so that they can go where no class has gone before in discovering what science fiction is and some of its many genres and types.

As the class travels, students examine how science fiction—at once entertaining, inspiring, serious, instructive, and funny—reflects and shapes the final frontier of our culture, beliefs, behavior and selves. It is a great privilege and joy to teach this class and these students!

I always take the students on a journey to the outer edge of the galaxy. (I have them over for dinner at my home.) In the past, we have also gone to a science fiction convention in Cherry Hill, N.J., to the Star Trek exhibit at the Franklin Institute, and the like. For coursework, I focus heavily on written and oral expression, two of the primary goals of the First-Year Seminars. The students write two short position papers that allow them to think and write about science fiction works and characters they already know and love. Or they can be creative in expressing themselves in alternative ways if they don’t want to write a conventional essay.

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  • Associate Dean of the Honors Program
  • English Instructor
  • Arcadia University Alumnus
  • First-Year Seminar “Travel to the Stars: Science Fiction From Star Trek, Star Wars, and Beyond!”

The Arcadia Promise - A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
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