Visitor/Guest Parking

View Campus Parking Map. Visitors, guests, contractors and vendors must park in lots designated as "Visitor" ("V").

Visitor or Guest?

A visitor is someone who comes to campus to do business, whereas a guest is someone that is here to visit a student.

Visitors and guests of the University must obtain a Temporary Visitor’s Parking Permit before parking on campus and must park in lots designated for visitor parking. Passes can be obtained from the Grey Towers Castle reception area or the Public Safety Office, located on the ground floor of Dilworth Hall. Guests of Oak Summit Resident Students can obtain a TPP from the Area Coordinator or Oak Summit Apartment Assistant.

Hosts are financially responsible for parking violation citations received by their visitors and guests.

Parking areas marked with a handicapped sign or the wheelchair icon are reserved for people with physical challenges. Vehicles parked in these designated spaces are required to display an official handicapped plate or hangtag.

Vehicles parked in fire lanes, fire zones and/or handicapped spaces may also be ticketed by the Cheltenham Township Police Department.

All “reserved” parking spaces are reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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