Presidential Chain of Office

chain of office

The Arcadia University Presidential Chain of Office was commissioned to commemorate the change in name from Beaver College to Arcadia University. The chair of the Board at that time, Hugh G. Moulton, placed the chain on President Bette E. Landman to symbolize the moment of that change.

The custom of a presidential chain, like the academic robes and caps, is an American rendition of old European patterns of dress and adornment. Chains of office are still worn by mayors of some European cities.

The Arcadia University chain contains the seal of the University, which was also the seal of Beaver College. In the center of the medallion, is the Roman goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Minerva, seated in front of rays of sunlight. Minerva was the daughter of Jupiter and Juno and is parallel to Athena in the Greek tradition. Besides knowledge, Minerva ruled over the useful and ornamental arts of men and women—agriculture, medicine, navigation, commerce, learning, music, spinning, weaving and needlework— and she gave the world the olive.

The rectangular bars in the chain contain the name Arcadia University.

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