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Brandon Courtney ’15

CourtneyFor my First-Year Seminar, I took Monsters in Our Midst. We learned about the idea of monsters and explored human nature’s dark side through a variety of disciplines. We got to see through the eyes of English majors by reading and analyzing literature and Communications majors by watching films. We included Sociology and International Studies majors by discussing different and shared belief systems from around the world.

Fun projects included a mask-making workshop where we made visual representations of our inner monsters. My favorite project was the final. We had to pick a monster and learn all we could about it and present it to the class. I chose the topic of werewolves and learned how many cultures had similar or different werewolf myths that originate from the same stories.

Adapting to college can be scary, but the course was interactive and helped me adjust to a new place and new people. As a class, we went on trips and shared a lot of group discussions which was a great way to make friends. It made transitioning easier because I wasn’t alone. It also gave me a break from my required courses and a chance to come together with other students who shared a common interest in a topic. It let to lots of easy discussions and laughs.


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A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
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