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Josh Baskin ’15 (third from right)

Through the Cuba Preview course, I learned that American has a very distinct way of determining what it is to be Cuban. So the class looked at these myths and what the realities of Cuba are—how they actually live.

To see how communities are build, we discussed Cuba’s national artwork and visited ‘Fusterlandia,’ the home of Jose Fuster, a well-known artist, famous for his mosaics, as well as his paintings. His yard was adorned with many creations, ranging from small to large, from a sculpted man and walkways with animals in them to a towering statue with a sun on top, all of which were made of mosaic glass.

We noticed that most of the neighborhood surrounding his house contained the same look. He puts his own time and money he makes from selling his artwork back into the community, redecorating his neighbors’ houses. Even the benches were adorned with glass and had poems scrawled across them.

Tyler Lutz ’15 (right)

In Havana, I found that what Cubans lack in material goods they make up for in their sense of community and family. It was a really good experience to see things from that perspective, to get away from the materialistic view we have in America, to go there with limited technology and to experience what it’s like to just have that community around you.


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