Rhythms of the World

Life of the Mind Series
Dedicating 2013-2014 to Rhythms of the World

2013-2014 is dedicated to the exploration of the processes of evolution and change for the individual and for cultures through music in all its forms.

2013 Life of the Mind Group Photo

Rhythms of the World will encompass the expression of organized sound in a variety of different ways. These include spiritual, political, commercial, historical and technological phenomenon. Additionally, song, dance, theater, sport and art will be included in the discussion.

Through activities and lectures which explore music in relation to emotion, history, globalization, commercialism, and ritual, staff and students will come to understand the universality of this form of expression; linking specific cultural experiences with common ideas, aspirations and uses across the world.

Highlighted Experiences

  • Rome, Italy
    Goran Bregovic Concert, held at the Auditorium of Rome on June 29, 2013. Students on the Arcadia in Rome program were able to experience the blending of different musical languages and the wonderful atmosphere of a world class orchestra.

  • Greece
    Students will venture to Stoa of the Immortals, to eat, observe and dance to Rebetiko music.

  • Sicily, Italy
    To promote the Rhythms of the World theme, students in Sicily, in collaboration with local schools and drama groups, will stage and present a musical.

  • Dublin, Ireland
    Traditional Irish Music Workshop: The Tin Whistle

    Music has played a big role in Irish culture, from ancient times until the modern era. This semester, Arcadia is hosting a workshop on traditional Irish music at its Dublin Center. Led by Deirdre Troy, an accomplished musician and teacher, this workshop will introduce students to the history, rhythm and importance of music to the Irish. Students will learn how to play the tin whistle, a beloved, cornerstone instrument, as well as various other traditional Irish instruments, such as the fiddle, uillean pipes, and bodhran.

    This is a great opportunity for Arcadia students to learn more about Irish music and culture firsthand.

  • Scotland
    Students will revel in a night of fast, furious fun to the sound of the fiddle, accordion and pipes at our Tur-Ceilidh: combining the celebration of American Thanksgiving and the traditional Scottish Ceilidh.

    Ceilidh is the Gaelic word for a visit or gathering, a ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) once involved a gathering of friends who sang, told stories, played music, recited poetry or debated the topics of the day, creating their own evening’s entertainment. A modern-day ceilidh usually involves Scottish country dancing to traditional Scottish folk music.

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