Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

"The CLC was one of the reasons I was attracted to Arcadia’s programs when deciding who to study with. I knew I would benefit from viewing a new culture through such a different perspective than how it is seen in the eyes of a tourist."

Maggie Gignac
Arcadia University student

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University offers programs that:

  • are designed to provide excellence in education and engagement; and
  • recognize the accomplishments of students in all different types of learning experiences.
  • Co-Curricular Learning Certificate: Learning Outside the Classroom!

Upon successful completion of a program through The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University, students are eligible to receive:

  • an Arcadia University Official Transcript
  • a Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

Just as the Arcadia University Official Transcript documents the academic achievement of the student, the Co-Curricular Learning Certificate is a record of the student’s non-academic co-curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences. The CLC will list the student’s engagement in programs or activities such as educational activities, internships, service learning, volunteering, lecture series, excursions, field research, workshops, capstone projects, language partnerships, etc.

Study abroad is a transforming learning experience, within and outside the classroom, and Arcadia University is dedicated to enabling students to achieve their highest goals in our programs around the world. The Co-Curricular Learning Certificate is a concrete example of how we will recognize these learning experiences.

Co-curricular learning certificate contains information about the student's co-curricular learning experiences.Learn more about the Co-Curricular Learning Certificate by country: