Study Abroad at Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Royal Holloway provides a truly outstanding academic environment, suited to those who want a challenging learning experience.
  • It gives you the opportunity to be nineteen miles from the center of London, while enjoying a smaller, campus environment.
  • Several of Royal Holloway's academic departments are among the most well-known in Great Britain.


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With 5,900 undergraduates, Royal Holloway is intellectually intense and academically rigorous. Notable academic disciplines at Royal Holloway include drama and theater studies, music, psychology, geography, English literature, and history. You'll find stimulating courses in these areas, as well as in the creative arts, European studies, modern languages, political and social sciences, management, economics, biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics and physics.


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Courses may be selected among various departments. You will earn the following hours of credit:

  • Fall and spring semester: 16 credits.
  • Academic year: 30-32 credits.

Admission Requirements

GPA Requirements: 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale. A 3.4 GPA is required for drama and history courses.

You are required to submit a second academic reference. Both references should be within your intended area of study. Please download the R-Form or you may have your reference send a letter on the letterhead of his/her institution. 

You must be in good academic standing and not on disciplinary probation. You need to submit a complete application including a transcript, letter of recommendation and an advisor's form before your application will be considered.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester: April 20
  • Spring semester: October 15
  • Academic year: April 20