Great Britain

Study Abroad in London, England

During your spare time, you'll be perfectly situated to take full advantage of all that London has to offer. London and its extended suburbs have a population of 7.2 million people and it is one of Europe’s most densely populated areas. There are a plethora of historical landmarks, world-class museums, beautiful parks and gardens, and cutting edge entertainment venues from a hopping and eclectic club scene to renowned theaters and concert halls. And of course, there are endless shopping opportunities to be found in colorful, neighborhood street markets or large, fashionable department stores such as Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols. You'll be able to explore famous attractions like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum and the Houses of Parliament, as well as discover the many fascinating qualities that characterize London's variety of village-like neighborhoods such as Notting Hill, Islington, Chelsea, Shepherd's Bush or Kensington.

London is truly an international city. You'll encounter people who represent many ethnic backgrounds and language groups. The contributions of this extraordinarily diverse population are reflected in the variety of ethnic restaurants, the range of musical styles to be heard, the vibrancy of the neighborhood street markets selling everything from didgeridoos to African drums to the more traditional British antiques. The ubiquitous international flavor that is now so much a part of cosmopolitan London is what makes London so appealing to students and tourists alike.