Commencement 2013

The College of Global Studies

The College of Global Studies is one of three Colleges and three Schools which constitute Arcadia University, a private university founded in 1853: The College of Global Studies, The College of Arts & Sciences, The College of Health Sciences, The School of Global Business, The School of Education and The School of Continuing Studies. Arcadia has been a leader in study abroad for over 60 years and in 2009, its existing Center for Education Abroad was elevated to College status, thereby creating The College of Global Studies. It remains the first College of its kind to become a full-fledged member of the academy with all the attendant rights and responsibilities thereof.

As Arcadia University continues to carry out its mission to prepare students for life in a rapidly changing global society, The College of Global Studies envisions a world of learners who are enriched through the experience of an education that is international in its scope and context. As we advance the mission of the University, we strive to enable students to engage, learn and to become thoughtful and informed leaders in a complex, global society.

Building on a tradition of over 60 years' of leadership and innovation in international education and research, The College offers study abroad programs for undergraduate and graduate students, focused study and research programs for first year students; undergraduates and graduates; special academic programs in the disciplines of business, health sciences, STEM and experiential education; academic degree programs; certificate programs; co-curricular learning initiatives; academic research opportunities; internship programs; faculty and student exchanges; and service learning projects. All programs range in length from short-term study to semester, and full-year opportunities.

The College of Global Studies has also established a Center for Research and Assessment. The Center demonstrates our commitment to a research driven approach to international education that focuses on the development and provision of analytical tools for measuring student learning and outcomes to improve and advance global learning. The Arcadia Atlas™ initiative (Assessment, Teaching, Learning and Scholarship) established by the Center for Research and Assessment, highlights the innovative leadership position of The College of Global Studies within international education.