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Alvernia University in partnership with The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University offers Alvernia students an outstanding opportunity to study abroad while working toward their Alvernia degrees! We are committed to helping you achieve the best possible experience overseas.

Alvernia offers you:

  • 7 approved programs to choose from in Europe and South Africa!

  • Internship programs in London and Dublin!

  • Programs in many different majors, including the physical and social sciences, arts and humanities, communications, business, education, and more.

  • You pay regular Alvernia tuition on any approved Arcadia program for semester study.

  • Your financial aid in many cases travels with you!

  • Alvernia students will receive Arcadia University transcripts.  Credits earned while abroad will count toward your undergraduate degree at Alvernia University.

Approved Arcadia Programs for Alvernia Students

Program Name City Country Recommended Year
at Alvernia University
Required GPA
St. Mary's University College London United Kingdom 1,2,3, or 4 3.0
University of Granada/Arcadia in Granada Granada Spain 1,2,3, or 4 3.0
National University of Ireland Maynooth Maynooth Ireland 3 or 4 3.0
Arcadia in Rome Rome Italy 3 or 4 3.0
University of the Western Cape Cape Town South Africa 1,2,3, or 4 3.0
Internships Available:  
London Internship (including Parliamentary Options) London United Kingdom    3 or 4 3.0-3.5 (varies)
Dublin Internship (including Parliamentary Options) Dublin Ireland 3 or 4 3.0-3.5 (varies)

Who Is Eligible?

Students must meet the GPA and academic year requirements listed above.  Additionally, they must be in good disciplinary standing with Alvernia University.  Students must be approved by the Alvernia University Study Abroad Coordinator and complete all required forms and references by the program application deadlines for both Alvernia and Arcadia Universities.  Alvernia is an inclusive Franciscan institution and welcomes students of diverse needs and backgrounds.


Steps to Study Abroad

  • Visit the University Life Suite at the Campus Commons to obtain the Alvernia Study Abroad Application, discuss program fees/costs, and review the application process.
  • Select a program.  Research and identify 7 potential courses you would like to take through the host institution (4-5 first choices and some alternates).
  •  Apply online to the Arcadia University College of Global Studies by completing the  Arcadia Application to Study Abroad. If you have any questions on the application process or program area of study, connect with Sarah McIntosh, Enrollment Counselor for Arcadia University at 1.215.572.2827 or
  • At the same time you are completing the Arcadia Application to Study Abroad, begin the Alvernia Application for Study Abroad.  Do not wait until you have been accepted by Arcadia to begin the Alvernia application process.

  • Important: You must be approved for study abroad by both Alvernia University and Arcadia University. 

  • Meet with your Alvernia Academic Advisor to receive tentative approval for course selections, and to discuss a tentative Plan of Study at your host school.

  •  Submit a signed Transfer Course Approval Form to the Vice President for University Life listing each course you plan to take and a Plan of Study Form that shows how the courses taken abroad will help you complete your Alvernia degree.  Your Academic Advisor, your Department Chair, and the University Registrar all must sign both forms.

  • Determine need for waiver for final credits at Alvernia (seniors only). If a waiver is needed, file a senior year residence waiver form with the Alvernia University Registrar.

  • Apply for a passport as soon as possible. Determine need for student visas – check with host program. Visas can take 2-3 months to be issued, so start early.

  • Meet with the Alvernia Office of Student Financial Planning to create a Financial Aid plan for your study abroad semester.  Complete the Arcadia Financial Aid Arrangements Form (return to Arcadia University and also file a copy with the Vice President for University Life).

  • Your Alvernia University application is not complete until a copy of your completed Arcadia Application for Study Abroad is on file with the Office of the Vice President for University Life.

  • After your applications have been approved by both Alvernia University and Arcadia University College of Global Studies, you must also meet all requirements by both Alvernia and Arcadia for paying your bill on time, attending orientations, and/or any other pre-departure requests.

  • Your bill will include a study abroad fee of $700 for the study abroad semester.


How Can I Afford Study Abroad?

Students must meet with the Alvernia Office of Student Financial Planning in order to coordinate any aid they receive with their study abroad plans.  In many cases, your financial aid will “travel” with you!  A study abroad fee of $700 and travel insurance is required. Limited, need-based scholarship assistance may be available from a variety of sources.  The Alvernia Office of Student Financial Planning can help you research available scholarship funds for study abroad. Arcadia also offers need-based scholarships for semester and summer study abroad. For more information, see this page.


Orientation and Cultural Activities

All programs begin with a comprehensive orientation, and co-curricular activities are scheduled throughout the program.  Students are eligible to earn a Co-Curricular Learning Certificate through Arcadia University.
A re-entry orientation session is also offered to ensure a smooth transition upon your return from studying abroad.


Contact Information

Please Contact:At Alvernia University:
Office of the Vice President for University Life
Campus Commons
Phone: 610.790.1982

At Arcadia University:
Sarah McIntosh, Enrollment Counselor
Phone: 215.572.2827