Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

Australia Co-Curricular Learning Certificate

The Co-Curricular Learning Certificate is a record of the student’s non-academic co-curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences. The CLC is a self-directed opportunity organized under a series of themes explained at orientation. Students spend a prescribed amount of hours engaged in activities that contribute to the completion of a reflective piece. The work is assessed by The College of Global Studies and the certificate is awarded to students meeting the criteria.  

Students in Australia may choose from the following themes:

Australia Co-Curricular Learning CertificateThe Australian Landscape

Students learn to identify the effects of global warming on a variety of regions, recognize the increasing gentrification of many of the once remote areas of Australia and the continuing difficulties of remoteness in others, further understand the diversity of flora and fauna within Australia and the realities associated with changing climatic conditions. 

Living Indigenousness

Students learn to recognize the history, socio-cultural values and beliefs of local indigenous culture, to better understand the challenges of living as an Aboriginal person in contemporary Australia.

Global Leadership through Field Experience

Students learn about the definition(s) of leadership within non-traditional groups in remote locations, explored the ideas of leadership with significant decision makers both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and participate in activities designed to foster leadership and skill development during field excursions and experiences. 

Skill Development

Students acquire skills, sometimes uniquely Australian, that inspire confidence, independence and a deeper understanding of safety issues.