Celtic Connections Certificate Program

Please note: Certificate program fees differ based on academic and program requirements. Please contact your Program Manager regarding certificate program fees.


The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University Celtic Connections Undergraduate Certificate is designed for students studying in regions with a Celtic heritage to learn of the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh sense of identity, to understand their current connections to each other, to the United Kingdom, to the larger European Union and to the globalized world generally.

The Celtic Connections Certificate Program not only draws upon the extensive resources of The College of Global Studies, but is also based on and closely tied to the mission of both The College of Global Studies and Arcadia University.



Any student who qualifies to study on a program through The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University is eligible to apply for the certificate program in Celtic Connections. Application for the certificate is to be made to The College of Global Studies.

  • Students must successfully complete the coursework with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in all courses and academic experiences.
  • Students are also required to complete a capstone research project (a 5-6,000 word research paper or presentation of equivalent work) in a field related to Celtic Connections for 4 semester hours of credit. The capstone research project is supervised by a faculty member from The College of Global Studies program with oversight by The College’s Academic Dean. 
  • The student will be expected to give an oral presentation of the project to the faculty supervisor at the end of the program.


Your Program

In consultation with the Arcadia Center’s Program Manager and Academic Dean, the students will begin to design their academic program during the application process for study abroad on The College of Global Studies programs, and complete the process in-country with an academic advisor from each of the two institutions where they will be studying.
All coursework must be taken in the programs of The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University, except for four credits in Celtic Connections from the student’s home university that will count towards the certificate. Credit from the program may be applied independently to the student’s home institution, as is the case normally for study abroad, and according to the policy and procedures of that institution.



Arcadia University, through The College of Global Studies, monitors and determines that the certificate is complete, and it keeps record of certificates earned and issued. The process will be similar to the issuing of official Arcadia University transcripts for study on The College of Global Studies programs.