Arcadia Freshman Fall in London
Program Application Guidelines

 Apply Online

Students who have been accepted by Hamilton College are eligible to apply for the First Year London program through The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

Application Deadline: May 15

Application FAQ

  • How do I start the application if I don’t have a username and password? When you click the “Apply now” button above, you will need to “register” your account first. 
  • What is my “Home School” or “Current Institution”? "Hamilton College"
  • What is my “Student Level” or “Current Class”? “High School”
  • What is my “Current Major”? You can put your intended major or “undeclared.”
  • What Program do I choose? “Hamilton Freshmen Fall in London Program”
  • What is my GPA? Your current high school GPA
  • What is my graduation date? Your high school graduation date
  • Please do not select an Alternate Program choice – this does not pertain to you.

Additional Forms

The College of Global Studies offers an online portal called the Arcadia Passport, where students can monitor their application form and participation form progress.  Students will have access to the Passport and all of the forms within it after submitting the online application.

Visit Arcadia Passport  

After you have submitted the online application, you can submit the following supplemental application materials:

Personal Essay

Students can upload this requirement as a Word Document into the Arcadia Passport after they have submitted an online application.  Please address the following questions:

  1. Studying abroad is not only about learning about yourself and your new surroundings, but also about contributing to your host community.  This semester, you will be engaging with your local community in London.  How do you envision yourself providing a positive contribution during your time abroad?

  2. How will you cope with different customs, beliefs, and opinions and having your views about the world challenged? How do you think your semester abroad might change your opinions? How might you deal with being out of your comfort zone?

  3. What personal interests do you have at home and how might you expand on these during your semester abroad?  Please research what opportunities are available and provide 2 or 3 specific examples of what you might pursue during your time in London.

High School Transcript

  • Please send to The College of Global Studies, Arcadia University, 450 S. Easton Road, Glenside, PA 19038.


Please feel free to contact Anna West at any time if you have questions or need assistance with the application process.