Arcadia Freshman Fall in London
Program Courses

All students enroll in a minimum of five courses for a total of 18 credits, one of which is a required core course about their London experience, one of which is a required writing course, and one of which can be at City University; Queen Mary University of London; or SOAS, University of London (if appropriate qualifications are met). Students will have the option of selecting the remainder of their courses from a wide variety on offer at the Arcadia London Center. Students must earn a B- or better in all classes in order to transfer credit.

Arcadia Courses
One University Course (Optional)
Writing Course
Core Course

Examples of course selections for the course registration form:
3 Arcadia London Center courses + writing course + core course
2 Arcadia London Center courses + 1 British university course + writing course + core course

LONS CCCO 106 Cross Cultural Connections (Core Course)
(2 credits)

This course seeks to give critical context to student’s experiences abroad and their reflections on living in another country, particularly the United Kingdom, both in the classroom, and outside it, through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. By discussing the various topics or themes which have created a distinctly British cultural experience—from food to religion, language to celebrity—the course encourages students to reflect not only on their shifting perspectives on the world or the ways in which their interactions abroad have had an impact on their roles as ‘global citizens;’ it also encourages students to challenge their understandings of what it means to be in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. View complete syllabus.

Arcadia University London Center Courses

Arcadia courses focus on London, and cover topics ranging from art and architecture to law, politics and history.

Other Institutions

Students may take one course at a British University. The following are available universities and subject areas: