Santa Clara University
Sydney Internship Program

To indicate your housing preferences, submit them using your Arcadia Passport. All SCU students will be accommodated in Arcadia University housing and will live with other program students studying abroad. Most rooms are shared.  Single rooms and room-mates can be requested, however they cannot be guaranteed.

As a participant on an Arcadia University program, you are guaranteed housing. Your program fee includes accommodation, but does not include costs for meals or meal plans.

Arcadia University’s priority is to accommodate you in a place that will support your studies and enable you to experience the local culture. Accommodation is selected by Arcadia University based on these factors, in addition to considering safety, security and cost. For these reasons, Arcadia reserves the right to alter or change accommodation options at any time.

Very Important Additional Points

  • Student apartments or flats provide a high degree of independence.  You will typically live with other program students and have access to shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.  In most cases, you will prepare your own meals, be responsible for apartment cleanliness, and should be prepared for a commute to your internship and program courses.

  • Every room is different and unique and while Arcadia ensures that all rooms satisfy general standards, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, distance from your internship, furnishings, or facilities.

  • Australia is an environmentally friendly country and air-conditioning and central heating are not standard in a typical residence. If your housing does not feature these amenities, remember that it will take some time to adjust to the climate.  Keep in mind that Australia is a temperate climate.

  • Internet access will be provided by Arcadia; however students should be mindful that internet capability may be significantly different from what you are accustomed to on your home campus. You will be responsible for costs to establish and maintain telephone service.

  • As an Arcadia program participant, housing will remain available to you during the semester.  However, accommodation is not included once the program has ended.  If you decide to stay in Australia and would like information on extending your housing, you should speak with the Arcadia staff in Australia about availability and additional costs for this service.

  • Your housing venue provides bed linens. As packing space is limited, bringing bed linens is not recommended.

  • Unless specified bathrooms within student apartments will have unisex bathroom facilities.

  •  Arcadia reserves the right to alter or change accommodation options at any time should circumstances warrant.

Sydney Internship students can expect to live in the following type of housing venue:

Managed Apartments

These are fully furnished and serviced apartments located within easy access to Sydney University and the city CBD downtown Sydney. Students will share a room with another Arcadia student in either a studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. On a weekly basis the apartment is cleaned and linen refreshed. Within the apartment is a fully equipped kitchen and laundry and in most locations within the apartment complex is access to a swimming pool, gym, and BBQ area.