Study Abroad this summer at the Accademia Italiana Florence

Summer Study Abroad in Florence
Course Information

Liberal Arts

ACCF ITLN 101S Italian Language, Beginning Level 4 credits syllabus 
ACCF ITLN 201S Italian Language, Intermediate Level 4 credits syllabus 
ACCF ITLN 301S Italian Language, Advanced Level 4 credits syllabus 
ACCF AHMI 310S Michelangelo and His Works 3 credits syllabus 

Studio Arts

ACCF SALD 101S Life Drawing I 3 credits syllabus 
ACCF SAPT 110S Painting Techniques I 3 credits description 
ACCF SAPF 310S Photographing Florence 3 credits syllabus 

Fashion Design

ACCF FDIF 311S Intensive Fashion Design 6 credits syllabus 
ACCF FDFI 101S Fashion Illustration - Introduction to Figure Drawing 3 credits syllabus 

Industrial and Product Design

ACCF  IDDI 310S Design in Italy 6 credits syllabus