Scottish Parliamentary Program

Scottish Parliamentary Program Academic Projects

An integral part of the Scottish Parliamentary Program is an academic research project relating to the internship assignment. Listed below are some examples of past projects undertaken by students. 

Spring Semester

Counterfeit medicines: a war without borders 

A project investigating illegal trafficking of counterfeit medicines within the developing world and into Europe, where the UK is used as a transit country.

A comparison of sexual offender laws in Scotland and the United States: registration, classification, public notification and residency requirements

A comparison of comprehensive laws in Scotland and the United States, pertaining to protection of the public and of statutory rights of offenders, including questions of constitutionality.

Maximizing drug treatment services

A study of comprehensive background information for the assessment of the 2008 Scottish drug strategy focusing on family, community, and recovery in planning and executing treatment.

Anti-depressant use in Scotland: analysis and proposals

An investigative report on depression and its treatment, analyzing the rate of use of anti-depressant prescriptions and laying out possible alternatives to drug treatment.

Measuring marginalities: the history, questions, and challenges of hate crime

A report defining the term "hate crime'" and how the UK and Scotland hate crime legislations differ in priority and effectiveness.

Electricity generation: Where do we go from here?

An assessment of the current and projected energy demands and how to deal with the electricity generation in the wake of global warming and the demand for renewable energies.

A survey of the divorce process with regards to Australia, Canada, England, Wales, and Scotland

A comparison of laws and court systems between several countries and how the growth of family law calls for improvements to settlements of family disputes and changes in direction of legislators.

A conservative solution to Scotland's housing shortage

A study of proposals to solve the shortage of housing in Scotland and the discrepancy between supply and fast rising demand.

Fall Semester

An exploration into the teacher deficit problem in Malawi

A historical introduction to Malawi and its education system, leading to the problem of demand for teachers outstripping supply – and how government is determined to improve the educational sector but has made little progress to date.

Alternatives to prison: community service orders and international lessons and experience

Comparative research as to whether prison is always the best punitive option or if community-based programs offer a viable alternative. Scotland's situation is compared to other countries to conclude best practices and results.

Minor penalties: a report on HSE fines

An analytical look at corporate responsibility and culpability for neglect by health and safety executives (HSEs), at whether fines are effective enough to prevent accidents, and at how employees are affected.

Small business growth and development in Edinburgh: an economic profile 

An overview of micro, small and medium enterprises in Edinburgh that provides the background, in-depth data, and provisional conclusions to further the prospects of small businesses.

Poverty in Scotland: causes and solutions – a comparative analysis  

A look at poverty issues in a comparative perspective between Scotland and the situation in the Nordic countries.

On a Scottish bill to prevent crimes that would use weapons of mass destruction

A study of three documents pertaining to the question of a Scottish bill to prevent crimes committed by weapons of mass destruction which attempts to create a legal framework for the removal of Trident-based nuclear weapons from Scottish territory.

A model for Scotland: community courts and problem-solving justice

An in-depth analysis of the community court system, its background, and how it functions in order to reduce the prison population.