Study Abroad at University of Nottingham with Arcadia University

University of Nottingham
Course Registration Instructions 

How to Select Your Courses from the Online Listings

University of Nottingham courses available to study abroad students are located on the Nottingham website:

  • This URL will take you to the "Catalogue of Modules."

  • Click on “Quality Manual” to view a helpful glossary of terms used in the course descriptions. 

  • You can then select "Search the Catalogue of Modules" to view the page that allows you to search for classes by administering school, offering unit, keyword or module code. 

  • In most cases, you will be able to find the appropriate department in one of the first two categories.

  • Once you have selected a department, a window will open with a list of courses sorted by level.

  • You will see a division of autumn and spring courses. They are labeled as 1, 2, and 3 as well as A, B, C and D.

  • Both 1 and A courses are intended for first/second year students, 2 and B courses for second/third year students, and 3 and C courses for final year students.

  • Students may only select courses from one or two departments at Nottingham. Nottingham does not allow students to take courses across more than two departments.

You Should Pay Particular Attention To 

  • Duration – Click on a course code and look under “target students.”  You should look for the statement “Available to JYA/Erasmus students” and read the full page of information about each course. Even though most fall courses will say “assessment at end of autumn semester”, there are departments that allow study abroad students to finish in December by taking alternate assessments. Please note that the following departments of study do not offer this option: psychology, English studies, business, economics, and science and engineering.
  • Year of Study – This is the year (of a three-year degree) in which a Nottingham degree student would take the course.  Because British students come into university ahead of most American students, Year 1 is considered equivalent to a Sophomore level course, Year 2 a Junior level, and Year 3 a Junior/Senior level.
  • Departmental Restriction – Students can only enroll in courses from two different departments.
  • Special Course Fees: Music Department – Students wishing to take classes in music (normally those courses based on a specific instrument) may need to pay supplemental course fees for facilities and instruction. Please see our Study Abroad Fee Information page for more information.
  • Credits – Most students take three to six courses depending on the school of study and level of the course. Under each course description, Nottingham credits are listed. To determine your required full academic course load, keep the following in mind: 
    • Academic Year = 120 Nottingham credits = 30 semester hour credits
    • Fall term = 60 Nottingham credits = 12 semester hour credits
    • Semester = 60 Nottingham credits = 15 semester hour credits

Please note that, in departments that provide alternate assessments, students enrolled for the fall term will take specially arranged examinations or turn in final assessments before December departures. You may choose to study at the University of Nottingham for the fall semester and enroll in departments that do not offer alternative assessment; however, you must stay through late January in order to finish required evaluations. Academic year and spring/summer students will take examinations or final assessments with the host country peers during the end-of-year revision/examination period.

Students interested in taking courses in the following departments in either the Fall or the Spring MUST complete their applications by April 20: English, Business, Architecture, Culture/Film/Media.

Making Sure Your Credits Will Transfer Back

Meet with your advisor to discuss course selections. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are registered for a full academic load and that the courses you take abroad will transfer for credit to your home school. While every effort will be made to accommodate your course selections, Arcadia University does not guarantee placement in any course. Keep in mind that your course selection form is used as part of your application and for the pre-approval process by the host university. Actual course registration does not take place until arrival at the University of Nottingham.

We suggest that you secure approval for at least 8-10 courses per semester. Make sure to list alternate courses. List your choices and alternates in order of interest. Your first choices may not be available due to schedule changes, time conflicts or cancellations. Flexibility is very important. If you mandate certain courses that might be unavailable or inappropriate, you may limit your chances of admission, even though you meet the program’s overall academic requirements.


For assistance with any part of the application process, call Michelle Kasmauskis, your program manager, at 1-866-927-2234, or email

Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor, and submit the online course registration form on your Arcadia Passport.