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As a participant on the Scottish Parliamentary Program, you will enroll in three courses at the University of Edinburgh, covering Scottish politics, society and culture. These intensive classes are held during the first five weeks of the program and offered through the University of Edinburgh's Academy of Governance and Faculty of Social Science.

The courses will help you prepare for the internship portion of the program that follows. The internship will take place over the final ten weeks of the program, during which time you will conduct a major academic project and research report. You will have study space in the Parliament building while having an academic base at the University’s Academy of Governance. In addition to the information below, you can find course details at

EDII INPR 310: Final Research Report

6 semester hours of credit

Assessment for the internship component is derived from a final research report and journal. At the end of their internship placement students are responsible for submitting a report. The topic and length of the report (usually around 5,000 words) will be negotiated between the MSP, the interns' Director of Studies, and the intern. The report is to be submitted to the MSP as well as to the Director of Studies.

In addition, students are expected to submit a journal on their placement activities and observations at the end of placement. The journal should include at least one page per week of the placement, detailing observations of the political process, outlining questions or frustrations, or discuss anything the students find relevant. The impressions and expectations of the internship placement are of particular interest. Students may wish to include copies of newspaper articles, lists of activities and accomplishments, notes of meetings, speeches or political events.

EDII PSSC 350: Scottish Politics

3 semester hours of credit
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The course provides a basic introduction to Scottish politics. It considers the nature of Scottish autonomy and institutions within the British state. It examines the development of the national movement, and analyses the factors underpinning support for the Scottish Parliament. It considers the nature and extent of the 1997 devolution settlement and provides an understanding of the powers and structures of the Scottish Executive and Scottish Parliament, the Scottish party system and the policy-making process. Scottish political identities and party politics are also considered in comparative perspective.

EDII PSUK 350: Government and Politics in the UK

3 semester hours of credit
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The course provides an overview of the government and politics of the United Kingdom. It examines the development of the UK state, the impact of constitutional reform and European integration, the nature of the British party system and ideological change, the electoral system and its consequences. It is intended to give students an insight into key features of the British political system, to provide insight into the relative strength and positions occupied by the main parties, and to provide an understanding of the continuing relevance of the UK politics for Scotland.

EDII SOSC 360: Scottish Society and Culture

3 semester hours of credit
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This course intends to give the interns an introduction to Scottish society and culture, tying in with aspects of politics and governance taught in the other courses. Scotland being an old country, with a long national history, means that many sociological features have been long in the making; Scotland being a small country, particularly in terms of population, affects the form and frequency of social interaction.

The course will progress from the larger context of the economic, social and cultural history and identity of modern Scotland and the examination of key institutions which shape Scottish life, on to social groupings and, finally, to expressions of culture and the arts, especially the literature of Scotland.


For assistance with any part of the application process, call The College of Global Studies at 1-866-927-2234.