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Dr. Christensen Appointed to UN Commission

 "We can be creative and responsive to new program development if we put the power house of idea capital present in all of our fields back into the world production of knowledge. The correlation between research and development and the production of knowledge is its dissemination through education. We must become those caretakers of education who can place new and provocative educational programming such as teaching peace and conflict resolution in the broader context of contemporary education today."

  - Dr. Nicolette Deville Christensen, from her speech before the UN Commission

Nikki ChristensenDr. Nicolette DeVille Christensen, Vice President of Arcadia University and Executive Director of Arcadia University College of Global Studies, was recently appointed to the United Nations Commission on Disarmament Education, Conflict Resolution, and Peace. The Commission was founded in 1990 by the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) in conjunction with the United Nations Department of Disarmament Affairs. The IAUP/UN Commission’s overall mission is to promote peace and disarmament in society through education.

To this end, the Commission encourages, assists, and participates in the coordination and development of educational programs in disarmament education, conflict resolution, and peace. Members come from around the globe, primarily from institutions of higher education. Dr. Christensen delivered a keynote speech at the Commission's bi-annual meeting at the United Nations on Wednesday, December 3rd. For more information about the work of the United Nations Commission on Disarmament Education, please visit