Study Abroad in Italy with Arcadia University

Leadership Symposium in Naples, Italy
Putting Your Experience Abroad into Context

"To truly lead, we have to learn to adapt and feel comfortable in any and all settings... At the end of this experience, students may begin to put some of these pieces together, reflecting on their reactions to living abroad and the self-discovery and empowerment they have led to. It is but a beginning to a process that will continue long after re-entry."

-Tina Marisa Rocchio, Resident Director, Arcadia Italy


  • Students abroad from all of our five locations are invited from April 30-May 3, 2009 to take part in a series of discussions and events.

  • Throughout the Symposium, we will interact with scholars who will lead us and guide us.

  • During the four days, we will spend our mornings in conference in our think tank and our afternoons exploring Naples and the vicinity.

  • The Symposium is a platform to celebrate leadership in diversity, leadership by example, and leadership in hardship and struggle.

Topics Under Consideration

Sustainable Development

In looking at sustainable development in an area of Italy that has been held high, exploited, enriched and ravished, we are leading by example. By studying alongside these courageous and leading scholars, we will observe through alternative lenses what community building, responsible development and policy-writing mean in very concrete and complex terms.

Women's Studies 

In discussing conflict and struggle in women across the ages, we’ll discover our own ability to deal with conflict. Through the leadership of one woman whose scholarship, compassion and discovery has led to the building of an international volunteer organization in one of the world’s most conflicted areas, we will approach and discuss delicate areas of the human experience.

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