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Perhaps the most revitalized city on the island, Belfast provides students with an engaging and lively city that, from a unique and troubled history, has risen to be one of Europe’s most interesting cities. 

Arcadia University partners with Queen’s to house our students at Elms Village, university provided accommodations. Students reside in dormitory-style flats with British, Irish, and other visiting students. Elms Village accommodates students in individual rooms with either shared or personal bathrooms. Student flats may be co-ed with 8 to 14 students per accommodation.

Students are given some lifestyle options for their accommodation at Elms Village housing complex. There is no additional cost for these types of rooms. If interested in one of these lifestyle options, please note it on the Arcadia Housing Preference Form. Elms Village will do their best to honor your request, but cannot guarantee you will get the type of room you want.

  • Single Sex (SS) accommodation
    Living with only male or only female students on the same floor or house.

  • Quiet Living (QL) accommodation
    Living with other students who prefer a quieter, more study focused, environment.

  • No Alcohol (NA) accommodation
    Alcohol cannot be consumed by you or your guests anywhere on the premises.

Elms Village is self-catered and students should anticipate preparing their own meals and shopping at markets located within walking distance of their flat.  The Elms Village Student Center offers a shop for smaller items, as well as a student bistro and bar.  Self-service laundry facilities are available within the complex. Telephones are located in every flat for house to house calls only; calling cards are required for local and long distance calls. Internet access to the Queen’s network is available to students from their bedrooms.

Along the 10 minute commute from Elms Village to the Queen’s campus are many of the local gathering places for university students.  The Belfast city center is only a short taxi ride away.

If necessary, Arcadia may place students in alternative accommodations of comparable standard and within a similar distance to campus.