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University of Otago Housing Information

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Student Apartments 

  • University Flats / Apartments: Dunedin has a wide range of rental accommodations from historic houses to multi-unit, purpose built complexes. The University of Otago manages many flats as a primary accommodation option for international and study abroad students, and strives to place one University of Otago host student within each flat to give students valuable information about student life in Dunedin and New Zealand life in general. The flats are located close to campus and shopping and contain a furnished kitchen, common room, and single bedrooms. 

    Household duties such as cooking and cleaning are normally shared among all members of the flat. Residents within each flat share the cost of electricity, phone, food and sometimes furnishings for the flat (Arcadia University will pay your share of the electric bill every month). In addition, students will need to provide their bed linens, pillows, and bath towels, all of which can be purchased locally in Dunedin. It is important to note that flats are not centrally heated, and during the winter months students should plan to dress warmly while inside as a means of saving energy and keeping costs low for the flat.

Residential Colleges & Toroa International House

These options are only available for students arriving in February who are staying for 2 semesters, or for students who are arriving in the July semester. Students interested in applying to residential colleges or Toroa International House should contact their Program Manager early for more information about the application process. Placement is not guaranteed.

Students arriving in February for one semester only are housed in University Flats.

  • Residential Colleges: The Residential Colleges at the University of Otago are usually close to campus, very social and offer a meal plan. Generally, students residing in the Residential Colleges are first-year students who are away from home for the first time. All students in residential colleges will be provided with a meal plan and additional fees do apply. You will be billed for your meal plan after you arrive in New Zealand. A supplemental fee exists for this housing option; please see program fee notes for more information.

  • Toroa International House: Toroa International House is a community of self-catering, fully furnished flats managed by a residential advisor. The flats are situated within walking distance of the University and provide the opportunity for residents to enjoy independent living in a supervised environment, while choosing the style of living and food they prefer. Toroa is a great alternative to dorm life, but still maintains a sense of community. Most flats contain five bedrooms, and Toroa places students of different nationalities within each flat, so you will have the opportunity to live with students from around the world. Students are responsible for providing all bed linens, including pillows, and bath towels. A supplemental fee exists for this housing option; please see program fee notes for more information.