Study Abroad with Arcadia University in the United Kingdom

Study Abroad in the United Kingdom
Student Visitor Visa Information
for Non-Visa Nationals

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Please read this entire page very carefully.

Who is Eligible?

If the following statements apply to you, then you will be able to apply for a Student Visitor Visa:

If the above scenarios apply to you, then you qualify to apply for a Student Visitor Visa.  There is no fee for this visa and you will apply for it upon entry into the United Kingdom.  It is important to note that you must not travel to the UK through the Republic of Ireland. 


Receiving Your Visa

To receive your Student Visitor Visa, you will need to show the UK immigration authorities the following materials when you first arrive in the country:

  • Your passport (it must be valid for six months from the end of your program)
  • Proof of your travel out of the United Kingdom (normally this is a copy of your itinerary for air or train travel out of the UK)
  • Arcadia University Certification Letter (included in your visa pack; London Now students will not receive this)
  • Immigration statement or acceptance letter from your British university (included in your visa pack; London Now students will receive this from Arcadia University.)
  • Bank statement from your US bank (this statement need not show any specific amount of money but the immigration officer will want to see evidence that you can support yourself financially while in the UK)

Around two weeks before your departure, you will receive your Pre-Departure Pack which will include the documents listed above. If you will be traveling before the start of your program and need to receive your pack early, you must inform your Program Manager at least two weeks before you depart.

After reviewing your materials, the immigration official will stamp your passport with the Student Visitor Visa stamp and you will permitted to enter and study in the UK.


Other Important Notes

  • Holders of a Student Visitor Visa will not be permitted to work or to participate in an internship.

  • Holders of a Student Visitor Visa will not be permitted to extend their study period without first departing the United Kingdom.