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Stellenbosch University Housing Information

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Study abroad students at Stellenbosch have the distinct privilege of living on the Stellenbosch campus in university accommodation with other international students as well as South Africans.

The halls are a hub of activity and social interaction on campus. With formally elected student res' councils and a full year of programming, the residence halls organize sporting events, films, outings, discussions and parties on a regular basis.

The majority of residential accommodation is co-ed flats of four to six people with shared or individual bedrooms and shared living and bathroom facilities. The halls are self-catered, which means that students prepare their own meals in shared kitchens and are not billed for a meal plan.

Students can purchase food at one of the nearby grocery stores, located approximately a 20-minute walk away, or meals can also be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis in the Neelsie, the student mall on campus.

Bed linens and basic kitchen utensils are provided, and coin-operated laundromats will be available in the student residences.

Internet is available in all student rooms on a pay-as-you-go basis. Your internet usage will be loaded onto your student account and you will use an inetkey that will calculate how many megabytes you use per session. The price will differ depending on what time of day you use the internet and it is cheaper during the night than during daytime hours. Students who wisely monitor their internet usage will have an internet expense of ~R400 (~$50) per month more or less.