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University of York Housing Information

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Housing Preference Form

Please complete the online housing form on your Arcadia Passport. Please contact The College of Global Studies at 866-927-2234 if you have any questions about housing options or housing fees.


The University of York guarantees you accommodation in one of the seven colleges on campus or in University-controlled accommodation within walking distance of campus. Each college has its own library and common room. Six of the colleges have a dining room and snack bar. One of the colleges (James College) does not have a central administration building with a dining room and a snack bar. Students placed in that college can use facilities at the other six colleges. University regulations require that you contract to remain in your assigned housing for the full duration of your program.

The Colleges

The University of York does not offer a meal plan, but six colleges have a cafeteria where you may purchase meals on a pay-as-you-eat basis. These dining facilities are open to all students and offer a wide variety of dishes, including international and vegetarian meals. Each college will also have modest kitchen facilities available should you wish to prepare light meals for yourself. Almost all rooms are single rooms, some with ensuite bathroom facilities. Internet service is available in most rooms as well. Further information about York’s residences can be found on the following site:

Linens and Laundry

Linens are provided. York housing provides a duvet, pillow, sheets, pillowcase, duvet cover, and one towel. Launderettes are available for students to do their personal laundry.

If you would like to remain in residence during part or all of a long break, the cost will be covered by Arcadia University. Only full year students are eligible for housing over the Christmas holiday. You will be responsible for making your own arrangements with the accommodations officer and for paying the appropriate fees. You may then submit your receipt to Arcadia’s London office for reimbursement. You may be asked to change rooms. If you do not wish to remain in residence over the term break, you may be asked to store your belongings. Storage areas will be available to you.