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Orientation in Spain

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All students on Arcadia programs begin their experience abroad by getting to know the staff, fellow students and taking part in a comprehensive orientation program. The Arcadia staff is a dedicated, experienced and extraordinarily well-informed team of individuals who take real pride and delight in sharing their knowledge with students on topics spanning academics to safety and everything in between.

Your first few days of the in-country orientation will help prepare you for living and studying in Spain, with a special emphasis on getting the most out of the experience. You will meet other participants, get settled, and have a chance to join the staff in exploring your host city and learning about basic cultural and academic differences.

All of the activities during orientation are especially designed to help you adjust skillfully to your new home and to help you become an informed participant in the host culture. Orientation is one of the most important steps in giving you the skills and knowledge needed to expand your own cultural learning while studying abroad in Spain.

Your comprehensive orientation will be an excellent introduction to your time in Spain and is a mandatory component of an Arcadia study abroad experience. Approximately 2 weeks before departure, your Program Manager will distribute arrival instructions, Spain Travel Guide (complete with orientation address and emergency numbers), as well as a tentative orientation activities schedule for your first few days in-country. All Arcadia in Spain orientations feature:

  • Cultural and recreational activities, including walking tours and special welcome dinners.

  • Special sessions about local customs and traditions.

  • Individualized academic advising concerning academic policies and final class registration to determine semester schedule.

  • Housing orientation to issue final housing assignments, cover all policies, procedures and help students settle into their home for the term.

  • Special sessions to go over key health and safety issues in Spain.

  • Advising to assist students on practical matters such as internet, banking and mobile phone use in Spain.

  • Discussion of cross-cultural issues and differences students will encounter.