Study Abroad at Durham University with Arcadia

About Durham University

The University is located on two campus sites in Northeast England – the Durham campus, where 13 of the residential colleges are located, and the Queen’s Campus, both a short train ride from the city of Newcastle. Each residential college serves as both a social hub and a place to live and study. Most social life at Durham revolves around the college system, with great variation on the degree of tradition and formality in each college, but all are relaxed and open, with a family spirit.

Durham City is home to a world-famous castle and cathedral overlooking the River Wear, and many more well-preserved historic buildings – many which are part of the University. Queen’s Campus, Stockton is a modern, purpose-built campus by the River Tees in Stockton. Some of the scenes of Harry Potter were filmed in the city and will be familiar to moviegoers.