The College of Global Studies Global Engagement Program

Global Engagement Program:
Internships, Field Research, Service Learning

The College of Global Studies offers an array of experiential learning opportunities around the world. The Global Engagement programs range from those that are developed and offered by The College to those offered by partner institutions. The program will bring together the diverse types of experiential learning activities that are usually considered to be field research, internships, and service learning (civic engagement).


The Global Engagement Program is currently available at The College of Global Studies' Centers in LondonSydney and Dublin, and the Program will continue to expand to other Centers in the near future. In addition, a range of internship opportunities and service learning initiatives are available through The College's Centers and partner institutions.

Arcadia Internship Program Structure

Semester Global Engagement Programs

The programs are fifteen weeks in duration and award 14-18 semester hours of credit. Two 4-credit academic courses are taken during Arcadia-taught semester global engagement programs:

  • INPR 310 Work in Thought and Action 
    This course provides the practical/experiential learning component. Field research, service learning, or internship placement consists of a minimum of 160 hours (roughly two-three 8-hour days a week for approximately 10 weeks).  Also required: online portfolio of bi-weekly reports and a self evaluation/reflection at end of internship, along with a 5,000-word (approximately 20 pages) academic project which is connected to field research/placement (supervised by Arcadia Academic/Resident Supervisor).

  • SOSM 360 Research Methodologies for the Workplace
    This seminar-based core course is designed to offer field research methodology and a forum to focus and reflect on global engagement for all students participating in the program. The core course will be taught intensively in the first three weeks and the last two weeks of the semester, with seminars/workshops during the semester  The focus will be on: 1) the basics of ethnographic or action research within the context of the host country; 2) training – including resume writing, interview techniques, job search; 3) case study of placement; 4) inter-cultural issues to facilitate engagement and reflection. An online version will be developed so that the course may be offered through distributed (electronic) learning.

  • Two additional courses (for 3 or 4 credits each).

Summer Global Engagement Programs

The summer program will consist of the two courses (INPR 310 and SOSM 360) for a total of 6 credits.

Application Requirements

  • A GPA of 3.00 or better
  • Standard application: Statement of Purpose; Study Abroad Advisor Form; Academic Reference; Transcript
  • Resumé
  • International Field Work Request (i.e. internship interest statement)
  • Internship Reference (as needed)

Academic Supervision

The Academic/Resident Directors are responsible for the academic supervision of the internship program: they are the instructors of record for the core course SOSM 360 and INPR 310, and their responsibilities include the supervision and assessment/evaluation of placement experience and the student’s academic work in both courses.