Student Travel Information Australia

Understanding Your Options

Arcadia University attempts to make your travel overseas as easy and affordable as possible. All students are responsible for arranging and purchasing their own flights, including the flight after orientation to your university destination.

Additionally, all students are required to in be attendance for the beginning of their Arcadia orientation, which coincides with the posted program arrival date.

In order to connect you with Arcadia in-country staff on the program arrival date, you will need to be aware of the arrival instructions below. If you have any questions about booking your overseas travel, please contact Arcadia’s Student Safety Officer, Rich Conroy, at

Group Arrivals: Arcadia has organized a Group Flight for the majority of our Australian programs. Group flights are met by the Arcadia in-country staff. Students who book on the Group Flight will be provided transportation to and from the airport to their orientation venue and program housing.

Meeting Up with Staff: Please refer to the “What to Expect When I Arrive" section for the time and location of the Arcadia staff airport pick-up.

Joining Up with the Group: When available, students arriving just prior to the group flight arrival time are welcome to join the Arcadia staff airport pick-up.

Arriving Prior to Scheduled Arrival Date/ Arriving Late: Students arriving on an earlier date or later than the designated staff pick-up times on the scheduled arrival day will be responsible for their own transportation to the orientation venue or program.

Review Your Program Dates

Please visit the Arcadia program calendar page to review your scheduled arrival date before booking your travel.

What to Expect When I Arrive in Australia?

For the majority of Australia programs, you will be arriving at Melbourne International airport either as part of your travel group or individually to meet your group. The Arcadia orientation will be held in Melbourne. Following orientation, those students attending universities not located in Melbourne will have an internal flight to your program destination (this will be part of the group flight itinerary).

Sydney Summer Internship and January Term students will fly directly to Sydney airport; Bond University Summer students will fly directly to Brisbane. The arrival airport for Australian National University and Australian Parliamentary Internship students varies by semester; see the individual program calendars for further information.

For all students:

  1. Review all of the rules and regulations that apply to your ticket prior to purchase.
  2. Complete the Online Flight Form.
  3. Note that, in the event that your flight is delayed, you may be responsible for traveling independently from the airport to the orientation site.
  4. In certain instances, group flights are arranged with an additional flight after orientation to your program location. If choosing to book independently, students should refer to the group flight itinerary and for ease of travel we recommend you book the same internal domestic flight after orientation to your program destination.

Flight Delayed or Cancelled?
Don’t Panic! These things happen and, while it is inconvenient and frustrating, it isn’t the end of the world. Other arrangements can always be made. Check with your airline about what contingencies and advice they have in place In the case of a cancellation or missed flight, ask when the next flight is available. If there are no other flights departing that day, you should ask an airline representative about hotel accommodations, if they are required. Notify Arcadia University. Please contact the Australia staff (listed in your pre-departure material) of your flight changes.

Arrival into Australia
During your flight, you will receive a landing card. You will need to complete this card and present it along with your passport when approaching Immigration Control. The immigration officer will keep your landing card, as you are approved to pass through.

Immigrations / Passport Control
You will go through Immigration and Passport Control when you first arrive in Australia. The immigration officer will need to inspect your passport, airline tickets, and landing card. It is likely that Immigration Control will ask you several questions about where you will be and what you will be doing in Australia. It is important to make sure the immigration official stamps your passport. After your passport has been stamped, and you have cleared immigration, you should proceed to the baggage claim area.

Meeting the Arcadia Staff at the Airport
The Arcadia staff in Australia will greet students arriving on the group flight. It is strongly recommended that students not taking the group flight arrive in time to meet the group at the airport, in order to take advantage of Arcadia-provided transportation. Students will be transported from the airport to the Orientation site, Sorrento, which is in coastal Victoria. There you will begin a three-day Orientation where you will get to meet your fellow Study Abroad Students and participate in activities. Staff will go into detail about information students need to know regarding Academic and Student life.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR UNIVERSITIES NOT LOCATED IN MELBOURNE AREA: Be sure to book the proper internal domestic flight that will take you to your program destination after orientation. Even if you book independently, refer to the group flight itinerary at the Student Universe/Arcadia website for the domestic flight information for your program destination.

Booking Your Travel

Student Universe
  • Arcadia University partners with Student Universe to provide discounted student fares on designated Group Flights, on suggested available flights, or on individual student bookings.
  • To book your travel, please visit the Student Universe/Arcadia website and choose your appropriate country and program.

Advantages of Working with Student Universe

High Level of Support
  • Opportunity to consult with Arcadia staff and Student Universe agents familiar with our programs and destinations
  • Knowledgeable check-in assistance at airport for large group departures
  • 24/7 Call Center

Additional Benefits

  • Low Student Airfare - Competitive group and individual rates
  • Date Change Flexibility - Don’t get stuck with a unchangeable & nonrefundable ticket from another booking website
  • Limited Additional Fees - Arcadia & Student Universe partner to keep cost to a minimum
  • Comprehensive Booking - Ability to book one ticket from departure to destination, limiting baggage hassles during connections

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