University of Limerick Summer
Program Arrival Information

There is no group flight organized for the programs to Ireland, so you are required to book your own round-trip flight. Arcadia recommends that you consider booking your flights through our travel provider Student Universe (click the link below.)

When booking your flight, please keep the following in mind:

  1. The mandatory Orientation will be in Limerick. Book a flight that arrives into Shannon Airport (SNN) on the scheduled arrival date for the program. Students arriving on this day will be met at the Shannon Airport Arrivals Halls by University of Limerick staff and transported to campus. Please contact Arcadia if you have any questions.

  2. University of Limerick will provide transportation back to Shannon Airport on the last day of the program for no extra cost.

  3. Shop around for your flights to and from Ireland since flight prices can differ considerably by airline. If you think you might want to change the date of your return flight, make sure to research the airline’s return-date change policy and fee.

  4. Please review all of the rules and regulations that apply to your ticket prior to purchase.

Please Note:

  1. In the event that your flight arrives a day late, you may be expected to travel independently from the airport to campus. Students are encouraged to travel to campus by taxi. You will need cash for the taxi. The address of the on-campus housing complex will be emailed to all students a couple of weeks prior to departure.

  2. If you plan to stay in Ireland past the end of the program, you are responsible for making your own way to the airport.

  3. Once you have made your booking, you are required to complete the Online Flight Form.

Arcadia University partners with Student Universe to provide discounted student fares on designated Group Flights or on suggested available flights. Student Universe