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Highlighted Mathematics Programs

Students can choose from a wide range of courses in pure and applied mathematics and statistics as well as combining coursework with field study or an internship, giving you valuable hands-on experience that will prepare you to work in an increasingly diverse and global workplace.

The list below is not exhaustive. For other institutions and countries that offer this subject, please consult our Program Finder or contact a Program Manager for your country of interest.

Highlighted Programs


University of Queensland

Study Abroad at Queensland University with Arcadia University

The School of Mathematics and Physics at UQ is committed to excellence in research and teaching through an internationally recognized faculty who are leaders in their respective fields.

University Website: UQ Course Information
Research: Research Information
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Study Abroad with Arcadia at City UniversityCity University

The program is the longest-established actuarial science degree in England, having started in 1974. Close links between staff and the nearby Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Royal Statistical Society enhance the relevance and vitality of the program.

University Website: City Course Information
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Study Abroad at NUI Maynooth with Arcadia

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

In 1843, on a bright October day, William Rowan Hamilton, the greatest Irish Mathematician of all time, discovered the numbers called Quaternions. Since it is one of the few major mathematical discoveries which is precisely located in time and circumstances, the event is very well-known in the international mathematical community, and people from all over the world know about "Hamilton's Bridge". In 1989, the Department of Mathematics at NUI, Maynooth initiated the annual commemoration on the anniversary of the discovery, in the form of a walk from Dunsink observatory to Broom Bridge.

University Website: Maynooth Course Information
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New Zealand

University of Canterbury

Study Abroad at University of Canterbury with Arcadia
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Canterbury offers courses aimed at specialists in Statistics, as well as for those students majoring in Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Biological Sciences, Management and other disciplines.

University Website: Canterbury Course Information
Research: Canterbury Research Information
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Study Abroad at University of Glasgow with Arcadia UniversityUniversity of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow offers world leading research and teaching. In the 2008 research assessment exercise, 55% of their research in pure mathematics was judged 'world leading' or 'internationally excellent' with a further 35% 'internationally recognized.' In applied mathematics the corresponding figures where 50% and 40% respectively. The University is founding members of the Center for Mathematics Applied to the Life Sciences and have developed new honors courses in mathematical biology and mathematical ecology to bring our students to the forefront of this topical interdisciplinary area.

University Website: Glasgow Course Information
Research: Glasgow Research Information
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South Africa

The University of the Western Cape

Study Abroad with Arcadia at University Western Cape

University Website: UWC Course Information
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