Environmental Studies:
Ethics, Culture and Sustainability
The Spirit of the Landscape

  • A summer field studies program: three weeks in Australia and two in New Zealand.

  • Study experience focuses on the environment, environmental ethics, culture and sustainability.

  • Gain an understanding of Australia and New Zealand's unique wilderness environments and their significance to indigenous and contemporary societies.

  • Topics include: the relationship between humans and nature; psycho-evolutionary theory; conservation, sustainability and climate change; and leadership and personal development through wilderness experience.

  • Limited space available, students are encouraged to apply early.
    Also consider special programs in Cape Town, South Africa.


Contact a Past ParticipantThis unique summer program gives students the opportunity to explore and engage with the stunning landscape of Australia and New Zealand while gaining an understanding of the influence of the wilderness experience on human behavior as well as its significance to the indigenous and contemporary societies in Australia and New Zealand.

Through field study, lectures, daily journaling, students will explore some of the most important and treasured natural areas in Australia and New Zealand, including the Great Barrier Reef, the Wet Tropics, the Australian Outback and the Volcanic and Geothermal areas of the North Island of New Zealand.

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The program will challenge students to consider their perceptions of nature and how they interact with it. By the end of the five weeks, students will be able to discuss the historical relationships humans have had with the natural environment, recognize the therapeutic nature of a wilderness experience, plan and execute a supervised wilderness expedition, as well as identify significant flora, fauna and geology of the regions visited.

Housing and Meals

Students will be accommodated in shared rooms for the days they are not in the field. While on field study, students should expect to be camping or staying in student-style accommodation during travel in Australia and New Zealand. Breakfast will be provided when practical; alternatively students can purchase their own groceries prior to field study excursions. Students are responsible for all other meals.


  • Summer Session: 4 credits.

Admission Requirements

GPA Requirements: 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale.

You must be in good academic standing and not on disciplinary probation. Before your application will be considered, you need to submit a complete application including a transcript, letter of recommendation and an advisor's form.

Application Deadline

  • March 31


If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact, Enrollment Counselor, Caitlin Barnett.