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Highlighted Bological Sciences Programs

The institutions featured below offer excellent programs in Biological Sciences. This list, however, is not exhaustive. For other institutions and countries that offer this subject, please consult our Program Finder or contact a Program Manager for your country of interest.


Study Abroad at James Cook University with Arcadia University

James Cook University

The unique location of James Cook University and its excellent academics draws students from Australia and overseas to study botany, zoology, and ecology in a diverse physical environment unparalleled by any university in the world. This region accounts for an extraordinary biodiverse population of plant and animal species and the university is well equipped to make the most of its ready access to the superb richness of the tropical fauna and diverse environments – reef to rainforest, mangrove to mulga, and wetlands to savanna.

JCU has modern laboratories and field stations in a variety of habitats and houses many national research organizations, including the Australian Centre for Tropical Freshwater Research, Center of Excellence in Coral Reef Ecology, and the Marine and Tropical Science Research Facility, all which open up fantastic opportunities for Biology students.

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Study Abroad at Lancaster UniversityLancaster University

Lancaster University continues to be an internationally highly ranked leader in the provision of excellent teaching and research within a beautiful campus setting. The Division of Biological Sciences at Lancaster cover the whole spectrum of the field of Biology from ecology and the conservation and management of biological resources through to genetics and biochemistry. Biology students are exposed to up-to-date facilities, lectures, and workshops taking place right on campus. Alternatively, Lancaster’s position close to a diverse range of both terrestrial and aquatic habitats such as the Lake District and Morecambe Bay makes a field-based research project an exciting option.

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Study Abroad at University of York 

University of York

The Biology Department of the University of York is on the universities largest departments and is recognized as one of the leading biological sciences departments in the UK. It is ranked consistently amongst the top Biology departments for teaching, research and student satisfaction. Students have access to an extensive amount of courses in the areas of Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology & Microbiology and Ecology, Conservation & Environment. The department prides itself on its friendly supportive atmosphere, with well developed supervisory system, encouraging students to make the best of their time at University, and helping them to maximize their potential. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, including a lively student run Biosciences Society that organizes lectures, sports and social events.

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New Zealand

Study Abroad at University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury

Paramount to a student's experience at the University of Canterbury are course field excursions, allowing students to apply techniques and test hypotheses they have learned in lectures and also interact with staff in a more informal setting. Many undergraduate courses also involve a fieldwork component based either at Cass or Kaikoura Field Stations owned and operated by the University of Canterbury.

The School of Biological Sciences has modern, well-equipped teaching and research laboratories and classes are taught by academic staff that has expertise in diverse areas of biology ranging from genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology to ecology, conservation biology and biotechnology. Biology courses also support multidisciplinary studies such as Health Studies, Environmental Science, Biosecurity, Conservation Biology and Management and Antarctic Studies.

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Study Abroad at University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen offers exciting opportunities for studying the Biological Sciences that include Biology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Conservation Biology, Tropical Environmental Science and many other related topics. Students are attracted to Aberdeen’s modern teaching laboratories complemented by Field Stations in Sutherland, the Black Isle and at the Ythan Estuary, that provide access to some of Scotland's most spectacular environments. Aberdeen has been graded as 'Excellent' by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council, and the university is also renowned for their focus on "whole organism" biology. For Biological Science students, there are a number of student societies and activities that bridge your degree interests and your social life. Two key Societies, "Leaf & Loam" and "Zoosoc" are run by students with interests in plant & soil science and zoology respectively, with events ranging from field trips and talks to pub quizzes. Biologists at Aberdeen are surrounded by easily accessible mountains, forests, marine habitats and farmland and in this respect are offered unrivalled opportunities for field work and practical experience.

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Study Abroad at Bangor University with Arcadia

Bangor University 

The School of Biological Sciences at Bangor University provides the opportunity to study a range of high quality courses in the Biological Sciences encompassing "traditional" disciplines such as Zoology and Biology to more recent developments in Molecular Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Biology with Media Practice. Bangor in the forefront of research that exploits recent advances in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics and transgenic technologies. Excellent facilities include the location at the foot of the Snowdonia National Park; a Botanical Garden including an underground laboratory for the study of flora and fauna of the soil; and a Natural History Museum containing a comprehensive collection of insects, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals; and an extensive marine aquarium. Taking together the mountains, the coast and the farm land of the coastal plain and the island of Anglesey, Bangor has a magnificent range of habitats for terrestrial, freshwater and marine biological field research (as well as superb opportunities for outdoor recreation!).

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