Summer Study Abroad in Mallorca

Summer Study Abroad in Mallorca, Spain
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The Arcadia in Mallorca program was one of the most riveting and rewarding experiences of my life. Mallorca is a gorgeous, relaxed island that has everything a person could want. The program directors were extremely helpful and frequently went above and beyond to ensure our safety and happiness. I can't fully express the feelings I have towards my host family- they treated me like their own daughter from day one, which made the entire Mallorca experience more rich and authentic. My Spanish language skills increased enormously and I'll forever cherish the memories and relationships I made.

-Kelly Britton, Colorado State University

Available Courses

The Arcadia University Mallorca Summer program is a 6 credit program. Students choose two courses (each 3 credits) from the following list of available electives:

MALL ARDL 290S Introduction to Photography - Drawing with Light (3 credits, taught in English)
This course focuses on enhancing and advancing your photographic skill-set. (view complete syllabus)

MALL SOSS 310S Sport and Society in Modern Day Spain (3 credits, taught in English)
This course examines various aspects of the complicated and fascinating relationship between sport and society in Spain. (view complete syllabus)

MALL SPAN 390S Current Topics in Spanish Society (3 credits, taught in English)
The course centers on the role of Spain in the European Union and current topics with regard to Spanish institutions, economy, and culture. (view complete syllabus)

MALL SPAN 393S Spanish Cultural Encounters from Prehistory to the Present Day (3 credits, taught in Spanish)
The course includes a survey of modern Spain's most relevant cultural and societal aspects, such as cinema, theater, and music. Please note that four (4) semesters of college level Spanish is required for this class. (view complete syllabus)

Available Spanish Language elective courses:

MALL SPAN 105S Spanish Beginner (3 credits)
(view complete syllabus)

MALL SPAN 205S Spanish Intermediate (3 credits)
(view complete syllabus)

MALL SPAN 305S Spanish Advanced (3 credits)
(view complete syllabus)

Students take a placement exam during orientation in Mallorca in order to determine their level of Spanish, and Spanish language is available at four levels from beginner to advanced.

Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor, and submit the online course registration form on your Arcadia Passport.