Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

Rome, an energetic, fast-paced metropolis with a profusion of fashion, style, music and motorcars, is a city in constant motion with a stunning background of historical architecture and artifacts.

Throughout Rome and its neighborhoods, the trappings of modern life flourish beside Etruscan tombs, Imperial temples, early Christian churches, medieval bell towers and Renaissance palaces. Here, contemporary buildings contrast with ancient Roman architecture and the foundations of some modern-day churches trace back nearly two millennia.

The juxtaposition of ancient and modern, old and new provides constant visual stimulation and inspires the imagination. If you close your eyes, you can almost hear the roar of the crowd at the ancient gladiator spectacles or imagine yourself as a bystander watching a Roman victory procession into the Forum.

After just a few days in Rome, under the guidance of the Resident Director and staff at AUCIS, you’ll be able name and locate the seven hills of Rome, discern the qualities of a true Spaghetti alla Carbonara distinguish monuments by the age to which they belong; you’ll get excited at discovering and defining the stratification of millennia in Rome, pointing out examples of the Middle Ages and Baroque Rome to the rest of us, as we walk by.