International Civic Engagement in Mexico

Social Justice and Engaged Scholarship at UPAEP

Program Workshops

As part of the co-curricular program, students are required to attend group workshops in the community. Workshops are taught by members of the community specialized in each area. The workshops will enhance participants' understanding of the daily life and productive methods and knowledge that is transmitted from parents to children in the community. A selection from the following workshops will be offered.

Workshop One: Reserve Field Study

Students will visit Ecological Reserve La Preciosita, which contains a great deal of native fauna, to garner an understanding and approach to pine forest biodiversity.

Workshop Two: Medicinal Botany

Students will learn to identify regional medicinal plants as part of a botanical tour and visit to a herbarium and tea shop.

Workshop Three: Pomade Creation

Students will formulate pomade using medicinal plants from the local reserve. This process will help students identify reactive properties in the various formulas.

Workshop Four: Organic Agriculture

Students will learn about the principles of organic agriculture as applied to small-scale family production.

Workshop Five: Visit to Tlachiquera

Students will learn the different stages in the production of pulque, a traditional native beverage of Mexico formulated from the maguey plant, which traces its origins back one thousand years.

Workshop Six: Woodburning Craft Workshops

Students will learn to produce local artisan-designed crafts through the process of woodburning.