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Faculty Supporting Our Programs in Rome

Dr. Edoardo Bemporad

Sustainability, A Simple Thing That's Hard To Do

Edoardo Bemporad is a graduate in Nuclear Engineering and received a Ph.D. degree in Materials Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome in 1995. Prof. Bemporad is a full professor of Materials Science and Technology at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre. He’s been working since 1995 as a research engineer at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, where he is also a lecturer of Fundamentals of Materials Science and Technology, Advanced Techniques for the Biomaterials Characterization, Materials Technologies, Materials for Mechanical Engineering, Materials Corrosion and Protection and instructor of both of the second-year courses Materials Science and Metallurgy.

Prof Bemporad also serves as Coordinator of the doctoral courses in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of Roma Tre., Member of the Scientific Board of the Molecular Design department of the National Research Council (CNR), Member of the advisory board of the Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science and Technology (INSTM), Italian Government representative for the Steel Technology Platform-ESTEP of the European Commission.

He is author of more than 200 papers published in international and national journals, refereed conference proceedings and is peer reviewer on several scientific journals concerning Surface Engineering including: Surface & Coatings Technology, Vacuum, Journal of Materials Science, Thin Solid Films, Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, Journal of Materials Research.

Dr. Paola Cascinelli

ROMA MGMT 353 Principles of Organizational Theory, Behavior, and Management
ROMA IBUS 30 Fundamentals of International Business

Dr. Paola Cascinelli holds an European Ph.D. in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies from La Sapienza University of Rome. Her emphasis is on the interaction between cultural and economic factors. She was visiting scholar at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, at the Iacocca Institute, Global Village for Future Leader in Business and Industry, Lehigh University, PA, USA, and at the Institute of European Studies (EEI), ULB, Brussels. She also completed the pre-MBA program at Boston University, MA, USA. At Arcadia in Rome, in addition to her courses, she is the Coordinator of Experiential Learning and Special Projects, after having been Acting Academic Coordinator for two years. Dr. Cascinelli is special advisor to the Lazio Regional Government, coordinating the internationalization efforts of the Commissioner of Economic Development and Productivity and helping local firms to reorganize their internal processes for new and developing markets. Before coming to Rome, she worked as consultant in Leadership, Management, Team Building and Organization Development in complex and developing contexts for small and medium enterprises, local authorities and think tanks. She wrote many articles on the European integration policy towards the Member Countries and the Mediterranean Third Countries. Her last publication (2013) is about the Italian policies for Mezzogiorno and their effects on business.

Dr. Angela Condello

ROMA HSHR 310 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Human Rights in Historical Perspective

Angela Condello studied law at the University of Torino and at the University of Roma Tre, where she focused on international and comparative law, and worked since then as a research assistant for the chair of philosophy and sociology of law (Prof. Dr. Eligio Resta) after graduating. In 2013, she received her doctorate at the University of Roma Tre with a thesis entitled Analogica.

Since January 2014, together with Prof. Dr. Emanuele Conte and Dr. Stefania Gialdroni, she collaborates on the pluri-disciplinary course, Law and the Humanities at the Department of Law at Roma Tre. Since 2008 Angela has been teaching philosophy of law and legal theory at the International University Uninettuno. As of 2013, Angela works with the Human Rights Committee of the ItalianSenate of the Republic, as an assistant to the President of the Commission, Prof. Luigi Manconi.

In terms of research, Angela has collaborated with: Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law (Heidelberg), the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris), the Department of Philosophy and the School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, the Australian National University in Canberra. Recently, she completed a scholarship program at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public and International Law (Heidelberg). As of January 2014, Angela is a member associé of the Centre d'étude des normes juridiques at the EHESS in Paris, directed by Prof. Dr. Paolo Napoli. She is also currently involved in an international research project entitled ENTRE A JURISDIÇÃO E A MEDIAÇÃO: O PAPEL POLÍTICO/SOCIOLÓGICO DO TERCEIRO NO TRATAMENTO DOS CONFLITOS, based in Brazil. Additoinally, Angela Condello is a Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Centre for Advanced Study “Law as Culture”.

Dr. Alberto Corbino

ROMA SOCI 310S Italy: Organized Crime and Social Innovation

Alberto Corbino is one of Italy's foremost experts on the co-existence of legitimate and illegitimate systems of government and economies. Dr. Corbino is a human geographer from Naples, as well as a professor, writer, and community builder whose grandfather was one of the writers of the Italian Constitution. His wide knowledge base and his passion for his subject matter combined with his sense of humor make him a compelling lecturer. Dr. Corbino received degrees from the University of Padua and University of Naples - Federico II.

Moira Egan

ROMA ENRW 350 Reading and Writing Rome

Moira Egan’s fifth poetry collection is Hot Flash Sonnets (Passager Books, 2013). Her work has won many awards and has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies in the U.S. and abroad, including Best American Poetry 2008, The Book of Forms, and Lofty Dogmas: Poets on Poetics. With her husband, Damiano Abeni, she has published more than a dozen volumes in translation in Italy, by authors such as Ashbery, Barth, Bender, Ferlinghetti, Hecht, Strand, and others. Their translations of Italian poems into English are published in many U.S. journals and in the FSG Book of 20th Century Italian Poetry and in Patrizia Cavalli’s My Poems Will Not Change the World (FSG). She holds degrees from Bryn Mawr College, Johns Hopkins University, and Columbia University.

Dr. Aldo Fanchiotti

ROMA ESSU 360 Sustainability: A Simple Thing That is Hard to Do

Aldo Fanchiotti is a senior professor and head of the School of Engineering's academic committee at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre. Dr. Fanchiotti holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and, in addition to his full professorship in the area of Environmental Applied Physics, he has taught, researched, and published widely in his field. He has a particular research interest in solar and alternative energies.

Dr. Raffaele Furno

ROMA THPR 310 Performance in Rome/Rome as Performance
ROMA TAAT 320S Applied Theater - Embodied Culture: A Journey Through Theater-Making in Italy

Raffaele Furno returned to Italy after over ten years in the United States teaching at Northwestern University. His experience and expertise in theatre and performance studies lends itself to the analysis of Rome as performance. A Fulbright scholar and recipient of several important research grants, Dr. Furno obtained degrees from Northwestern, UC Berkeley, and Istituto Universitario Orientale in Naples. His research interests include experimental theater, Japanese avant garde theater, Afro-Italian theater, and multiculturalism. Additionally, his first book was published in 2010 and is entitled Intra-cultural theatre: Performing the life of black migrants to Italy. He is also author of many articles on current cultural and social characteristics of Italian identity.

Dr. Jan Gadeyne

ROMA ARRB 310 From Rome to Baghdad: Change and Continuity in the Ancient Mediterranean

Jan Gadeyne is an archaeologist, classicist and ancient art historian with a specialization in the late antique period of the Roman Empire. Dr. Gadeyne has received numerous grants, particularly for the excavation of the Roman villa on the Piano della Civita in Artena near Rome, as well as awards for research on the urban history of Rome between the 4th and 6th century AD. In addition to his extensive fieldwork, he has served as a professor, guest lecturer, and site visit facilitator for a number of sites pertaining to his research. He has published and presented widely in his field and has contributed to numerous television and radio documentaries for such networks as the BBC and PBS. Dr. Gadeyne holds degrees from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Leuven, Belgium, and has undertaken coursework at both the Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana in Rome and the Westfälische Wilhelmuniversität in Münster, Germany.

Dr. Stefania Gialdroni

ROMA HSHR 310 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Human Rights in Historical Perspective

Stefania Gialdroni obtained her degree in Law from the Università degli Studi Roma Tre in 2003. In 2009 she defended her doctoral thesis in the History, sociology, anthropology and philosophy of European legal cultures, which was accepted for joint candidature at the University of Milano-Bicocca and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris, in the framework of a Marie Curie research fellowship. This EU project brought her to travel all around Europe as a PhD visiting student: one year at the International Max-Planck Research School for Comparative Legal History in Frankfurt am Main, one year at the London School of Economics and two years at the EHESS in Paris.

She is now a temporary instructor in Medieval and Modern Legal History and the coordinator of the "Law and the Humanities" course at the Roma Tre Department of Law, where she developed her interest for interdisciplinary studies.
Since 2010 she has been the instructor of the "Human Rights in Historical Perspective" course at Arcadia University, Rome Center. Her focus on Italy - one of the world's most complex democracies - on one hand, and her knowledge of other European countries on the other, help students to deepen the fascinating yet sometimes confounding issue of human rights with an open mind.

Dr. Vicky Kynourgiopoulou

ROMA RMML 350 At Home in Rome: Modern Life in the Eternal City
ROMA AHMA 320 Museum Practices in Rome
ROMA SOIT 310 Food and its Visual Representations
ROMA AHLT 310 Stealing Cultural Treasures

Dr. Vicky Kynourgiopoulou trained as an archaeologist at Southampton University, UK. Her graduate studies earned her an MA in Cultural Heritage Management from University College London, and a doctorate from Edinburgh University in Architectural History and Urban Planning and Neuroscience. Dr. Kynourgiopoulou has long academic experience, as a faculty member and senior administrator in undergraduate and graduate American and UK programs, like Oxford University and the University of Edinburgh, Stanford and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she has also created academic programs ranging from Egyptian Archaeology to Cultural Heritage Studies and Museum Management. She is currently a distinguished professor for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. In addition to her academic work she has also designed adult education seminars on the archaeology of Rome and Athens for Gruppo Arcaeologico Rome and Context Travel.

Since 2003 she has been a consultant for EU and UNESCO heritage projects, where she won the UNESCO conservation award for her management plan of WHS Kasbah in Algeria. She has published extensively in the areas of architectural history, cultural heritage management and conservation and she is currently co-editor of the Global Encyclopedia of Archaeology, World Heritage section of Springer Editions. Dr. Kynourgiopoulou is a book reviewer for several publications on architecture, design and cultural heritage studies. Her archaeological field work concentrates in North Africa and the Middle East where she specializes in sustainable tourism development in underdeveloped countries. She is also a member of the Global Network on Intercultural Competence (ICC Global) and is working in collaborative projects on intercultural competence and cross cultural learning.


Dr. Ben Scribner

ROMA ECMO 380 The Southern European Debt Crisis in Historical and Theoretical Perspective
ROMA MSCT 310 Communications and Social Transformation:Theory and Mediterranean Area Case Studies

Ben Scribner received his doctoral degree in communications in 2013 at La Sapienza University of Rome. His thesis concerned media representation and the political construction of space in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He comes to Rome with an MA in Sociology from the University of Oregon where his areas of focus were Political Economy, Sociology of the Environment, Social Inequality and Sociology of Gender.

Before then, he received a BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of New Mexico, focusing on Political Economy and Developing Economies. Before coming to Rome, Ben taught Communities and Race Relations; Gender in Global Perspective and Sociology of Everyday Life at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and was teaching assistant at Harvard University in Social Psychology; Human Sexuality and Positive Psychology.

Very active as community organizer and volunteer, Ben has been leading groups of up to 30 people to visit Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 2003. As such, he has facilitated visits for several associations, including Civil Service International, organizing educational visits to communities and human rights groups, non-violence projects and youth media programs.

Ben was founding professor of our joint course (with the Athens and Barcelona centers) in the Southern European Debt Crisis and host of the first symposium on the topic held in Rome Spring 2013.

Luigi Tocchetti

ROMA IBUS 302 International Finance
ROMA MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing

Luigi Tocchetti is a business and investment consultant with 15 years of experience. He is Portfolio Manager and Senior Financial Advisor at Agora Investments SGR in Rome. He previously worked for Merrill Lynch International Client Group, Banca Lombarda Private Investments, Banknord SIM SpA. He is funding partner of Sail Group SA de CV RL, a private holding company founded in 2005 by a group of European Investors, whose focus has been geographically the area of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

Tocchetti holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, New York with concentrations in Finance and Macroeconomics, and completed an international exchange at London Business School. In 1996 he received his laurea in Economics and Finance, from Università di Napoli, Federico II where he also once served as an Assistant Professor. He was a member of first prize team in Philip Morris Contest for Best Marketing Strategy among students at all Italian universities in 1994.

Dr Ferro Trabalzi

Core Course, At Home in Rome
A scholar and actively involved in Community Planning, Local-Global Food Networks, Urban Agriculture and Contemporary Rome, Prof Trabalzi joins AUCIS for the Spring semester, 2013 as professor of one section of our Core Course. Following his degree in architecture from Rome’s first university, La Sapienza, he completed another in sociology. He then went on to UCLA where he was awarded an MA in Urban Planning with an emphasis in Environmental Planning. He stayed on at UCLA for a Ph.D. in Urban Planning with the following dissertation: Regional Networks in Southern Italy: Innovation and Adaptation in the Buffalo Mozzarella Industry.

He has taught and/or lectured at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA; Woodbury University, Los Angeles, California, USA; Department of Community and Regional Planning, College of Design, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA; Woodbury University, School of Architecture, Burbank, CA; Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA; Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Cape Town University, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa; Department of Geography, University of California, Los Angeles.

With a host of publications in areas of interest that span across historical and contemporary urban planning to the social, environmental and political implications of the same, Prof Trabalzi serves on and is involved in numerous planning committees and volunteerism in and for the City of Rome.