Celtic Connections Certificate Program
Structure and Options

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The CCC consists of coursework of at least 18-20 semester hours of credit in interdisciplinary Celtic Connections studies in humanities, social sciences, business and sciences in The College of Global Studies Celtic Connections Program. There are two options for completing the Certificate:

Option 1

Students must study in two different programs of The College of Global Studies from among the following locations: Scotland, Wales, Ireland or England (links to eligible programs below.)

Students can create a certificate based on their specific field of interest, for example: current politics and/or history of Scotland, Wales or Ireland, social sciences for these same regions, European integration and the regions, post-colonial studies, literature in English from these regions, literature in translation from the Celtic languages, study of a Celtic language (modern or medieval), archaeology, folklore, music, etc., of Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland




Students are required to complete a minimum of 18-20 semester hour credits, including the capstone research project.

Option 2

Students who study at one of The College’s programs in Ireland, Scotland, or Wales for one semester and take a full credit load in Celtic Connections related subjects also have the option of pursuing a certificate. Students are required to complete a minimum of 18-20 semester hour credits, including the capstone research project. A total of 4 semester hour credits of coursework in Celtic Connections specific options may be transferred from the student’s home institution into the certificate. Students pursing either Option 1 or 2 may wish to concentrate their efforts into one of the following four areas of specialization:

  • Welsh Studies: subject options include Welsh history, politics, sociology, folklore, Welsh language, Welsh literature in translation, modern Welsh literature in English, etc.
  • Scottish Studies: subject options include Scottish history, politics, sociology, folklore, Scottish Gaelic language, Scottish Gaelic literature in translation, modern Scottish literature in English, etc.
  • Irish Studies: subject options include Irish history, politics, sociology, folklore, Irish Gaelic language, Irish Gaelic literature in translation, modern Irish literature in English, etc.
  • Celtic Studies: subjects include a mandatory Celtic language (Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Manx, Cornish, Breton), either medieval or modern, Celtic literature in translation, folklore, archaeology, history of Celtic cultures, etc.

Students in the Celtic Connections Certificate Program will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of learning experiences from courses to research, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.