Student Health, Safety, and Security for
Villanova University Vatican Internship Program

in cooperation with The College of Global Studies

Student health, safety and security are critical to a high-quality learning experience abroad. These concerns are the priority of The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University. This means that we are committed to:

  • the ability for students and staff to be reachable at all times and timely and effective communication with parents and/or home institutions in the event of an emergency
  • being knowledgeable about local conditions and making resources available to students while they are abroad
  • safe and secure housing
  • access to appropriate health care
  • medical insurance coverage for all students throughout the duration of their overseas programs
  • promoting responsible student behavior regarding drugs and alcohol
  • providing support for special needs
    anticipating and avoiding emergency situations whenever possible and providing prompt and appropriate responses to those that do arise.
  • having clear and secure plans and procedures in each overseas office to ensure students’ safety in the event of an emergency

Our policies and procedures receive ongoing and careful attention from our North American-based Health, Safety and Security Director as well as from our experienced and well-trained staff overseas.

Health Insurance Provisions 

All students will be covered under Arcadia’s Health Insurance Policy for the Duration of their Program.

  • Excellent health care is available in or near all of our program sites. Although many students have health insurance which can be used overseas, Arcadia provides a health and accident insurance plan for all program participants.
  • Arcadia's plan is offered through HTH Worldwide and underwritten by HM Life Insurance Company, Pittsburgh, PA. Arcadia automatically enrolls all students in this plan.
  • The plan is effective throughout the duration of the participant's program. There is no deductible per injury or illness, and the maximum medical expenses of the policy for accident or sickness is $500,000.
  • Additional information about the HTH Worldwide plan will be emailed to students upon acceptance to an Arcadia University program.