Scottish Summer Heritage Internship
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All students on the Scottish Summer Heritage Internship enroll in two core courses: SCOT INPR 310S Research Project and Internship and SCOT IDSP 330S Curating, Interpretation and Heritage: A Scottish Perspective.

Students then choose one elective from the Scottish Studies Summer program: SCOT GESC 210S Scotland's Geology, Landscapes and People or SCOT HSSC 215S Scottish History.

SCOT INPR 310S Research Project and Internship

3 semester hours of credit
Dr. Thea Stevens

This course includes seminars to encourage students to approach the work experience and research positively as well as focusing on research techniques will be held in the course of the students’ internship. These will cover project definition; research methods, issues of cultural difference that emerge in the workplace and for the students themselves, resources; ethical considerations as well as the students’ personal involvement and enthusiasm. The seminars also provide a forum for the students to exchange experiences and ideas, and to raise any issues and concerns that they may have. View a complete syllabus here.

SCOT IDSP 330S Curating, Interpretation and Heritage: A Scottish Perspective

3 semester hours of credit
Dr. David Clarke

Historic sites and museums are among the most important means by which information about history and archaeology is conveyed to a variety of audiences such as school children, academics and the general public. Yet this involves skills in visual literacy that are not normally taught in our text- and numbers-based education systems. The course looks at the way monuments and objects are presented as sources of information about the past. The course aims to build the student's critical skills to enable them to evaluate effectively presentations at sites and in museums. These skills have wide application; for example, museum curation, museum policy and heritage management, tourism and education. View a complete syllabus here.

SCOT GESC 210S Scotland's Geology, Landscapes and People

3 semester hours of credit
: Dr. Angus Miller

Edinburgh is a unique and beautiful city, built on a varied landscape of hills and a great location to appreciate the many interactions between geology, landscape and people. This introductory course will consider fundamental geological processes that create different kinds of rocks. It will explore the ways in which these rocks are later altered and eroded to create landscapes, and the ways in which people use both rocks and landscapes, for shelter, energy and advancement of human knowledge. These topics will be illustrated with many local visits and case studies from central Scotland. View a complete syllabus here.

SCOT HSSC 215S Scottish History

3 semester hours of credit
Dr. Aaron Allen

From a Roman frontier of disparate tribes to a post-imperial United Kingdom, Scotland’s story is one of both union and strife. Centuries of war with the 'auld enemy' gave way to dynastic and political union which ended war and brought prosperity, though support for the union with England has never been universal. Aside from pointing out some of the important contributions of Scots to the American narrative, this course will challenge your perceptions of Scotland’s story, and explain the complicated relationship of Scotland to the United Kingdom. View a complete syllabus here.