Scottish Summer Heritage Internship
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Dr. David Clarke

SCOT IDSP 330S Curating, Interpretation and Heritage: A Scottish Perspective

Dr. Clarke earned his PhD in Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh. He joined the staff of the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland in 1968 and has worked with the National Museums of Scotland ever since. Until his retirement in March 2011, Dr. Clarke had been Keeper of Archaeology for 30 years.

Dr. Clarke’s strong interest in communication through museums resulted in a Churchill Fellowship and coordination of a number of major exhibitions.  He also served as Head of Exhibitions for the Museum of Scotland Project from 1992-98, which included responsibility for the Museum’s multimedia unit, the division charged with developing methods to ensure the availability of the Museum of Scotland’s information throughout Scotland. Dr. Clarke is currently Visiting Professor at University College London where he teaches Public Archaeology and Museum Studies at the graduate level. He is also actively involved in the Glenmorangie Project on Early Historic Scotland. He has published widely on topics relating to Scottish archaeology and museological issues.

Dr. Aaron Allen

SCOT HSSC 215S Scottish History

Dr. Aaron Allen received his PhD and MSc in Scottish History from the University of Edinburgh, and his BSc in Liberal Arts with a History Option from Michigan Technological University.  He is a tutor in Modern European History at the University of Edinburgh and has published, presented and researched widely in the areas of socioeconomics, urban history and material culture. He is currently completing a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Scottish History on the occupational topography of 1635 Edinburgh. Dr. Allen is also an Arcadia alumnus, having taken part in the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Thea Stevens

SCOT INPR 310S Research Project and Internship

Dr. Thea Stevens has served as a consultant for in situ cultural experiences, including leadership of educational and professional tours throughout Europe. Her academic experiences include administration and support for the study program "Treasure Houses of Scotland" through the Smithsonian Mason Field School under the auspices of the University of Glasgow, and immersive field study in the history of collecting and collections at the postgraduate level.  She has lectured in History and the History of Art in Rome on aspects of Roman mosaics, paintings, art and architecture,  as well as lecturing on subjects including History of Art, visual culture, iconology, iconography, semiotics , propaganda, gender roles, and advertising at the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Strathclyde, DJCAD, and the Glasgow School of Art.  Dr. Stevens completed her PhD at Glasgow in the History of Art, with a particular focus on the trade guild sculptures of San Marco. Her MA was completed at the University of Warwick, concentrating on Italian Painted Wall Calendars from the early thirteenth through fifteenth centuries. She completed a second MA at Glasgow in Italian and History of Art. She also possesses additional qualifications from the Università degli Studi "La Sapienza" and the Università della Tuscia. Dr. Stevens' current research is concerned with the historical narrative of place; the propaganda of patronage;  and iconography and iconology.

Dr. Angus Miller

SCOT GESC 210S Scotland’s Geology, Landscapes and People

Dr. Angus Miller earned his PhD in Geology from the University of Durham and his BSc  from the University of Edinburgh. He is both a field educator and a university lecturer, conducting training for educational groups at all levels in the field throughout Scotland, as well as producing teaching guides on earth science, and lecturing on local geology, volcanoes and natural disasters. Dr. Miller has also worked as a manager for the John Muir Trust, organizing training and activities for volunteer groups and youth workers nationwide. He has served as a seismologist and chief scientist at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, as a project leader for various conservation projects in Scotland, and as a research assistant both in Scotland and the US.  Dr. Miller is secretary of the Edinburgh Geological Society.