Scottish Business in the Arts Summer Program Required Courses

BUST08016 Business in the Arts I; and
BUST08017 Business in the Arts II

(5 semester hours of credit)
These courses are designed to assist non-specialist students to acquire understanding of the nature, structure and workings of contemporary business organizations and the management processes within them. Through the use of guest speakers and case studies and visits, specific attention will be paid to the application of this understanding to organizations operating in the arts/culture sector. These courses are designed to be both “self-contained” for participants who do not wish to study the subject any further, and to prepare students who wish to take additional related modules on return to their respective institutions.

These courses are divided into seven components: Business Policy and Strategy; Marketing; Human Resource Management; Finance and Accounting; Operations Management; and Enterprise. The courses seek to provide an integrated introduction to the business environment with a focus on the arts/culture sector, the nature of business organizations, the role of the manager and techniques relevant to management.

BUST08019 Internship and Research Project

(3 semester hours of credit)
The internship experience is accompanied by a project that will consist of a piece of written work that is planned, researched and prepared during the four-week internship. To help students prepare for the project, a Research Methodology seminar will be held prior to their undertaking the internship. This seminar will provide guidance on project definition, overview of the main research methodologies, an introduction to literature searches, and secondary and primary research techniques.