Arcadia in Chile, Arrival Information

Programs Arriving Flight Details: Summer

There is no group flight arranged for Chile students; however, Arcadia recommends that you consider booking this flight through our travel provider Student Universe (click the link below).

When booking your flight, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Book a flight that is scheduled to arrive into Santiago, Chile (SCL) prior to, or no later than 11:00am on the scheduled arrival date for your program. PUCV’s in-country staff will be at the Santiago Airport International Arrivals section to greet students and facilitate transportation to orientation in Valparaíso on the scheduled arrival date.

    If your flight arrives at a much earlier time than the designated pick-up time, you may wish to either sit at a café in the terminal and wait for PUCV staff. They will be at the airport waiting for students with “Arcadia in Chile” signs from 7:30am on arrival day morning.

  2. Students arriving after 11:00am will be responsible for their own transportation to Valparaíso. It is strongly recommended that all students book airfare that works well with the official Arcadia/PUCV pick-up time, as it is the easiest way to make it to orientation on time. As a point of reference, the two-hour ride to Valparaíso costs several hundred USD, so it is well worth making this effort.

  3. Regardless of arriving early, late or during the designated Arcadia/PUCV pick-up time window, it is the responsibility of every student to be arrive on the scheduled arrival date of the program in order to attend the mandatory orientation that begins at the PUCV Campus’ Casa Central building promptly at 1pm. Please don't forget that Arcadia requires you to notify us about all travel plans by submitting the Online Flight Form.

  4. Please note that in the event that you must arrive after the designated pick-up time, PUCV can arrange for a van to pick up students at the Santiago airport for a fee of $150 USD. Students are required to contact Arcadia and PUCV to make this arrangement (using the contact information in the Chile Travel Guide, to be emailed to all students two weeks before departure).

  5. For reference, program housing can only be accessed during the program dates, never before or afterwards.

  6. Please review all of the rules and regulations that apply to your ticket prior to purchase (e.g. date/flight changes, baggage allowance, etc.). Any related questions should be addressed directly to your airline, agent or Student Universe. While Arcadia cannot make or amend travel arrangements, you are always welcome to address concerns to our Logistics Support Manager, Rich Conroy.

Please Note:

  1. In the event that your flight is delayed or you choose to arrive after the designated arrival time, you may be responsible for traveling independently from the airport to the orientation site; be sure to follow all instructions on your Travel Guide in order to notify Arcadia suitably.

  2. If you plan to arrive prior to the scheduled arrival date listed on your program calendar, all transportation and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of the student.

  3. Once you have made your booking, you are required to complete the Online Flight Form.

Arcadia University partners with Student Universe to provide discounted student fares on designated Group Flights or on suggested available flights. Student Universe